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Hello, my name is Mr. Frontier. I would just like to introduce myself to whoever may come across this, wandering the vast lands of the Interweb. This place is called ‘The Forward Frontier’. It’s a venue for me to explore and record ideas and thoughts. Mainly ideas from others, but one day I hope for a few of my own.

I do not guarantee that I will get things right. Nor do I recommend using The Forward Frontier as a reliable source for anything. This is purely a place for me to discuss topics that interest me, and I hope may interest you. A place for me to document my always developing education. To share ideas, because ideas are important.

Ideas and memes spread through imitation. If an idea is not discussed it will die off. In order to see the ideas that you want to be spread, you must speak about them. At minimum, The Forward Frontier will mean that an idea will no longer die in my brain alone. However, it will instead be recorded in some server in a random country. Although, hopefully something said here will be seen by your eyes and then repeated by your mouth. That idea, that meme repeated by you, will have a fruitful life. And if I were to be so optimistic, I will wish for it to be a good idea.

With that said, Welcome. Please do enjoy your stay here. Otherwise, if this isn’t your cup of tea, then I wish you well with your future endeavours through the World Wide Web.

The Mission of The Forward Frontier

The mission is quite simple: Explore the Bounds of Reality

In other words, to learn and discover as much as I can of the world around me. Documenting what I know, and what I would like to know. Recorded, here in this blog, for you to follow my journey and learn with me.

My main course of action will be through a two-prong approach. To examine fields of study in Philosophy and Science (predominately Physics). As far as I can tell these are the best methods that we have to understand our reality. And hence I will do my best to educate myself in these areas.

I will also discuss the mediums in which ideas are spread. Trying to understand the vehicles that carry memes in the hopes of conceiving and developing better information infrastructures. Structures that will be more resilient against misinformation and/or disinformation than the current existence of the internet and traditional media.

By Exploring the Bounds of Reality one should be able to better understand what may occur in the future. And more importantly understand what should occur and why it should. Pushing on the frontier of knowledge, moving humanity forward.


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